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A website should be the joining of form and function, design and development, coming together in an eye-catching, useful way. Our websites work for clients, first and foremost, meeting specific, strategized goals.


Creative web design will take your business to the next level. Whether you have a website you are unhappy with currently or haven’t been on the web yet, a custom web design is the piece of the puzzle that will get the most eyes on your company. News sources report that 60 percent of very small businesses (less than 5 employees) do not have a website. Some of the most sought after buying demographics are using the internet in excess of 25 hours per week.


Your business web design needs to be involved in that conversation. Billions of people use the internet daily. A vast majority of them have even made purchases directly online. The trust factor is there like no time before in history, so what are you waiting for? Doesn’t your business deserve to show off and create some value?





Ready to get your business off the ground? Or are you ready to have someone help you with your marketing plan? Both of these things we specialize in and can help with.


Starting a business is hard. You’re wearing multiple hats and you want to make sure everything’s running smoothly- we get it. But, when it comes to marketing, you don’t know what you don’t know and that is where we come in.


We’ve done consulting with clients who are in need of Facebook help, Twitter set-up, gaining new followers through social media, setting up a marketing plan, creating a consistent message and helping their message reach their target audience.




Blogging should be an essential part of your business’s website and marketing plan. Blogs are widely used to educate clientele of businesses and to help gain the ranks in SEO.


Blogs are essential to your website’s health and growth. They should talk specifically about your business and the goal should be to educate and to expand your reach by talking about relevant topics.


You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Content is King,’ well, this applies to blogging. It’s said that one of the major ranking factors of Google is content that’s relevant and being updated. Although we’ll never know Google’s SEO secret sauce, we can guess that this hint is an integral factor in helping you come up when your target market is searching for you.





SEO or search engine optimization is a fancy way of saying, “How my customers find me.” Small business SEO allows search engines like Google and Bing to rank you according to great content, page titles, back links and some other interesting factors, against your competitors.


Your content needs to be tailored around a “key word,” which is a fancy way of saying, “a main word (or subject) that your article is about.” Now, we’re not just writing content and forgetting it… we’re spicing it up. We’re adding links to your social media sites and optimizing the site for the best result from the searches for your small business SEO. To be at the top of the page, you should be optimizing, blogging, and creating great content.




Social media marketing is one of our favorite things to do. Why? Because we love being social. We enjoy interacting and helping your brand grow.


Social media marketing does get tricky, though, and it’s not all about posting. You also need to monitor and engage with people too. The one thing people often forget is to interact. It’s so important and it’s even in the name of the platform ‘social’ media!


Our social media skills are weaved into each client we interact with and meet with. We love helping clients reach their targets and goals. We strive to make sure that each client is happy and excited about their online growth.

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